Senator Scott Brown 

    Republican Sen. Scott Brown has provided the crucial vote for passing the Financial Reform Bill

    July 15, 2010

    Democrats in Congress with the help from Republican Sen. Scott Brown overcame the final barrier to implementing historic Wall Street Reform, securing a major victory for Union members, government employees, American families and minority businesses who paid a heavy price for risky bets and greed that was all too common on Wall Street. Whether they’re saving for retirement or purchasing a home, Americans will finally be able to get key information they need to make the right financial choices for their families and their futures. Wall Street Reform will end Bank bailouts and replace them with Bank buyouts to ensure the government has the ability to secure futures and fortunes of the American people. Most importantly, Wall Street Reform will help prevent future economic disasters and ensure that American taxpayers are never again left holding the bag for excesses in the financial markets.

    "We can be proud that Scott Brown acted to secure essential protections for American consumers and lay the foundations for stable government growth. Unfortunately, nearly every other Republican in Congress voted to oppose Wall Street Reform – and some Republicans are already calling for its repeal before it’s even gone to the President’s desk for his signature. Once again, we can see that if Republicans were in charge, they would do everything in their power to protect capitalism to the detriment of the American people. We cannot allow that to happen. That is why President Obama, Sen. Scott Brown and Democrats in Congress will continue to work to enact common sense legislation to move government  forward.  John Kerry and Scott Brown

    “We now have added Wall Street Reform to Health Care Reform, all to benefit  Americans who want more control over their own lives without suffering from corporate special interests."

    In this new age of  "I Hope You Change". We would like to thank Republican Sen. Scott Brown for showing us change and giving us hope.


     by Brad Labitawitz


Ethanol Subsidy nearly 6 billion dollars a Year

Critics of the ethanol program noted that energy legislation enacted in 2007 requires oil companies to produce 36 billion gallons of biofuels like ethanol by 2022, arguing that refiners will have to rely on ethanol whether it is subsidized or not.

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